Thursday, August 30, 2007

You Talkin' to Me?

This is why we need to practice gun safety around kids.
Let's say you have a little one with an attitude...

Well, a maladjusted tyke might steal some ammo to deal out some swift justice to all who oppose her, and of course, to hippies in general. Here is photographic evidence of the 7.62X39 caper:

To hide the evidence, she threw out or hid some of the cardboard boxes.
Sneaky! (Ok, she might have eaten them.)

More evidence of an impending massacre...

Thank the earthmother the actual implements that fire these rounds were locked up I don't actually own anything that would fire these rounds!! Heh.

Additionally, she would have a small amount of difficulty loading the magazines with no thumbs, but she is very determined.

I'm thinking diversity training and positive reinforcement are in order...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We're Number One!!!

With a bullet!!

Yee-haw!!! God bless America.

U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people

By Laura MacInnis
GENEVA (Reuters) - The United States has 90 guns for every 100 citizens, making it the most heavily armed society in the world, a report released on Tuesday said.

U.S. citizens own 270 million of the world's 875 million known firearms, according to the Small Arms Survey 2007 by the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies.
Hooray for us U.S.!!

About 4.5 million of the 8 million new guns manufactured worldwide each year are purchased in the United States, it said.
Because we kick total ass.

"There is roughly one firearm for every seven people worldwide. Without the United States, though, this drops to about one firearm per 10 people," it said.

Glad we could help.
That's the US for ya; always raising the bar...

India had the world's second-largest civilian gun arsenal, with an estimated 46 million firearms outside law enforcement and the military, though this represented just four guns per 100 people there. China, ranked third with 40 million privately held guns, had 3 firearms per 100 people.
Wussies. Let us know when you're at 8 or 9.

Germany, France, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil and Russia were next in the ranking of country's overall civilian gun arsenals.
Ooooh! Arsenals!! How scary!
What is the difference between a collection and an arsenal, anyhoo?
And I thought Mexico was a gun-free country.
On a per-capita basis, Yemen had the second most heavily armed citizenry behind the United States, with 61 guns per 100 people, followed by Finland with 56, Switzerland with 46, Iraq with 39 and Serbia with 38.

"Weapons ownership may be correlated with rising levels of wealth, and that means we need to think about future demand in parts of the world where economic growth is giving people larger disposable income," he told a Geneva news conference.

And yet Yemen is relatively poor.... hmmmm.

The report, which relied on government data, surveys and media reports to estimate the size of world arsenals, estimated there were 650 million civilian firearms worldwide, and 225 million held by law enforcement and military forces.

Maybe there is hope after all.

Five years ago, the Small Arms Survey had estimated there were a total of just 640 million firearms globally.
Just. Heh.

"Civilian holdings of weapons worldwide are much larger than we previously believed," Krause said, attributing the increase largely to better research and more data on weapon distribution networks.
Good. More civilians with more weapons means (hopefully) less tyranny, and less crime.

Only about 12 percent of civilian weapons are thought to be registered with authorities.
Pity. It should be under %1.

And I would just like to take this opportunity to say I'm glad to be part of the solution.
We need unity in the world. And if my math is correct, 100 guns per 100 people is a ratio of 1, which is unity.

It's good to have a goal.

You have my word I will continue to help get guns off of the streets (and into my hot little hands), and promote and strive for unity at the same time.

Just doin' my part...

Now go do yours. ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rumor Has It.

(Ed's note: Dude, I don't care which way you swing, but keep it out of the public bathrooms. There are children that go in there. Perv.)

Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) has quit the Romney campaign in disgrace, after an ugly public-bathroom scandal.

He was rumored to have said it would be "FAAAAAABULOUS!" if he could get on John Edwards campaign, because "John understands me" and "he's just so perky!!".
When asked how he was feeling after dealing with all the negative publicity, he shouted, "I'M SUUUUPER!! Thanks for asking!!!".

He also stated he was willing to take one for the team at any time. He did not specify which team...

Mark Foley and Barney Frank were asked to opine, and reportedly said "Glrgeb mfcx echhlrgg!".

Hillary was overheard laughing maniacally.

The RNC was noted fiddling and ignoring a large amount of smoke and flames (of more than one sort, apparently).

Monday, August 27, 2007

Don't Forget.

To buy some ammo on Tuesday, August 28 as a counter-protest the Brady Center to Arm Only Criminals and Governments (is that redundant?).

Details here and here.

Look, if you have less than 10,000 rounds, you are dangerously low anyway.
If you have over 10,000 rounds, then go for the next even 10k increment, whatever that may be.

This is what's known as a win-win.

So, get a brick, a box, a case; just get something. You can always give it to me if you won't use it. :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

It's a Free Country, Right?

As long as you do exactly what the state says...

H/T to MikeT

Federal ID plan raises privacy concerns

By Eliott C. McLaughlin

(CNN) -- Americans may need passports to board domestic flights or to picnic in a national park next year if they live in one of the states defying the federal Real ID Act.
Oooh! I feel safer already!!

The act, signed in 2005 as part of an emergency military spending and tsunami relief bill, aims to weave driver's licenses and state ID cards into a sort of national identification system by May 2008. The law sets baseline criteria for how driver's licenses will be issued and what information they must contain.

Papers, please.

The cards would be mandatory for all "federal purposes," which include boarding an airplane or walking into a federal building, nuclear facility or national park, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told the National Conference of State Legislatures last week. Citizens in states that don't comply with the new rules will have to use passports for federal purposes.
Again: Papers, please.

"For terrorists, travel documents are like weapons," Chertoff said. "We do have a right and an obligation to see that those licenses reflect the identity of the person who's presenting it."

Duck! He's got a "Hi, I'm..." sticker on his lapel!!!
Amazing what the government considers weapons, isn't it?

Chertoff said the Real ID program is essential to national security because there are presently 8,000 types of identification accepted to enter the United States.
What does entering the United States have to do with me going to a park?
Make international passports standardized; leave my state alone.
"There's going to be an irreducible expense that falls on you, and that's part of the shared responsibility," Chertoff told the state legislators.
Your additional tax dollars are necessary for your safety. See?

The NCSL is calling Real ID an "unfunded mandate" that could cost states up to $14 billion over the next decade, but for which only $40 million has been federally approved. The group is demanding Congress pony up $1 billion for startup costs by year's end or scrap the proposal altogether.
Congress has money? I wonder where they got that?

Everyone must visit DMV by 2013

The Real ID Act repealed a provision in the 9/11 Commission Implementation Act calling for state and federal officials to examine security standards for driver's licenses.

It also requires all 245 million license and state ID holders to visit their local departments of motor vehicles and apply for a Real ID by 2013. Applicants must bring a photo ID, birth certificate, proof of Social Security number and proof of residence, and states must maintain and protect massive databases housing the information.

EVERYONE must check in with the state.
In the US of A.
They need to know where you are to keep you safe.

This country's attitude is getting more unsettling by the day.

Maybe they should just put a tattoo of a unique ID number on everyone's arm, and then you won't need the card.
I mean, it's been done before, and it was effective. How about a bar-code tat? Maybe along with one of those cool RFID chips!!

Question: Do the illegal aliens the government won't do anything about have to get these, too?
Or just law-abiding tax-payers?
Just curious.

To be continued.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well That's Odd.

I got back from a couple of days in Columbus, and what do I see now that I'm home?

My grass needs cutting!

Not my "yard" (read, my weeds), but my actual grass has an unshorn, bushy look about it.

While this is good news for my lawn, it is a result of very bad news for others.

They have my prayers.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Real Conversation: The Perfect Woman

A real conversation in the CUG household:

jimmyb: What are we going to do when the Lizard Queen wins the presidency and the Dems are in control and they outlaw all of our guns?

Mrs. jimmyb (with a quizzical look): Guns? We have guns?

Perfect indeed.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Protest: August 28th - Buy Ammo!!

Update: More here - The Next Steps Toward Aug. 28
I'm calling dealers around here this evening.

New(? I think.) commenter Gary Anthony suggested that I put up a post regarding David Codrea's - of The War On Guns - idea regarding the evil Brady Center to Disarm, Kill and Castrate All Gun Owners plan to have a national day of protest against freedom, history, and common sense. Here is David's plan:
I'm going to try and start a blog swarm at WarOnGuns to get gun owners to buy a box of ammo on Tuesday August 28--be nice if gun stores would offer some sort of nominal discount or a door prize (no purchase necessary to enter, just to keep things legal) or some such on that day to encourage this--Tuesdays may typically be slow days anyway, so this would get people in their stores and probably work out to their profit.

It'd be nice unintended consequences for the Bradys if we could demonstrate a few percentage points of sales increases on that day because of this.

OH NOOOOOES!! Don't make me buy ammo!!! I don't have anything to use it in...

Heh. I'm down.
And I hope you are, too.

So, if you're a gun owner, a shooter or just interested in liberty, then go buy (at least) a box of ammo on Tuesday AUGUST 28th. Heck buy a gun and a whole case of ammo to go with it!!

And I know, some will say -
"But jimmyb, I don't own a gun, so why would I buy ammo"
- to which I have a three part answer:

1. To protect liberty, freedom, your family, your country and its heritage, as well as to make a statement.

B. Why don't you own a gun? Don't you love your family, children, neighbors, and country? Get with the program!! Think of the children, and the puppies!

III. If you can't buy a firearm for financial reasons, or you're just a big sissy, then buy a box of ammo anyway, and give it to a shooter.
FYI, I just happen to know at least ONE shooter who would be happy to take it off of your hands. ;) Any caliber is fine; if I don't own a firearm of that caliber, I may just have to buy one.

Finally, if you are a gunblogger or freedom lover, blog a post or two about this.
We need momentum.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Don't Forget the ePostal Contest!

You have only a couple of weeks left to shoot the Mr. Completely inspired latest ePostal Contest: Point Shooting, hosted by the one and only Carnaby Fudge site.

Get the target download and rules here: ePostal Contest: Point Shooting

Grab a gun, grab some ammo, and get crackin'!!

If you don't have a gun, seek please seek professional help. You may be a sissy or a GFW.
Or worse.

Seriously, though, if you don't own a gun, please reconsider. Think of the children.

Be safe, and have fun at the range.

They Just Don't Get It.

Pay up, biznitch!

Alderman Wants To Tax Bottled Water
Cardenas: Tax Would Help Balance Budget, Benefit Environment
Gosh!! That sounds like a win-win!

As CBS 2's Kristyn Hartman reports, Ald. George Cardenas (12th) wants to slap a tax of up to 25 cents on the cost of every bottle to help close a $217 million budget gap.

“People enjoy jogging or driving with a bottle of water. There’s a cost associated with this behavior. You have to pay for it,” said Cardenas, one of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s staunchest City Council supporters.
Unbelievable. The arrogance here is beyond appalling. You owe the government for your private behavior; it's that simple.

Cardenas noted that there’s a nearly $40 million shortfall in the city’s water and sewer funds, in part because of a decline in water usage.

“How is this possible when we have a water system that’s won honors? It’s because bottled water has become a $15 billion industry that’s growing at a rate of 20 to 30 percent a year,” he said.
Translation: And we deserve (another) piece of that action.

So you use less of something, but you still need to pay full boat. Interesting premise.
I need to start a business like that operates like that.
Cardenas also said a bottled water tax would help the environment by dissuading people from buying the plastic bottles that end up in landfills.
Think of the children!!

Now, I expect government to try to rape its citizens every way from Sunday. I don't like it, but that is the nature of government.
However, what surprises me is the reaction of people; not, "Hey, you take enough of our money you irresponsible asshats!", but more something like the following:

But Chicagoans CBS 2 met on the street early Tuesday did not like the idea of the tax.

"Let them tax cigarettes, not water," said Chicago resident Brian Lynch.

See? Go tax someone else. Not a peep about the increase in taxes, just that I have to pay it, as opposed to whomever I deem appropriate.

"Ten to 20, that's crazy. It's not cigarettes or anything, it's bottled water, so that's ridiculous," added Chicago resident Lazzerick Young. "I'd probably go towards filtered water, maybe, and not do the bottled water."

WTF?!?!?! And when they levy a tax on filtered water (or even filters!), then what, smart-guy?
He just surrenders like a Democrat.

Even this gal, while he has a good end result in mind, it's the motivation (again) that I find curious.

"We're going to have to vote him out, because that's not good," said Justina Miles. "I buy a lot of bottled water."
We have to vote him out, not because he's a greedy, nanny-state commie, but because I am effected. I buy a lot of bottled water.

"So raise the taxes on pop. Why would you want to raise it on something that's healthy?" said Dennis Hopkins. "You can give a newborn baby bottled water. It's good for you."
Again, no problem with more taxes. Apparently, it is the state's job to tax unhealthy things, but it's wrong to tax the healthy ones.
I need to look at the Illinois state constitution one of these days...

Wendy Abrams, a spokeswoman for the city’s Office of Budget and Management, said the mayor’s budget team will “work with aldermen on any new idea aimed at generating new revenue for the city.” But raising taxes remains a “last resort,” she said.
Of course it is.

This kind of reminds me of the "Fudds" (as in Elmer the hunter) that want to ban so-called "assault weapons" or pistols or AP ammo, but feel their hunting rifles are ok (when we really all know that hunting rifles are actually deadly assassin's, one-shot one-kill, baby smiting, cop-killing, harp-seal rending, spotted-owl exploding, optic-equipped, vest-penetrating long range sniper rifles).
My stuff is ok, but your stuff is bad...

There needs to be a stand made.
Not one against water drinkers or smokers or doughnut eaters or gun owners, but one against intrusive, oppresive, assinine big (and ever-growing) government.

But when I see voters and taxpayers with these kind of attitudes expressed in the article, I fear there is little hope.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Marital Advice Tip #361

Do NOT use your wife's good Tupperware dish and a strainer to separate your pulled bullets from your powder. This doesn't promote harmonious discourse.

Actually, it stains the Tupperware, and it just plain doesn't go over real well, as the wife has declared the bowl unusable.

Heh. That means it's mine now, of course. But at a price.
I got "the look". And admittedly, I deserved it.

Apparently, there is a difference between "Tupperware" brand bowls, and generic plastic bowls.

Who knew?

Good thing she's understanding.

Monday, August 13, 2007


TIOBAM: Short for "That is one big-ass monkey!

Someone won this for my daughter at Cedar Point amusement park.

It is freaking ginormous.
We may have to add an extra room on the house just to make room for it. It takes up more room than our recliners.

For perspective - the BAM with a goodly sized German Shepherd pup (click pics for bignatic effect):

And if you haven't met the pup, here it is with an M1 Garand, handily dwarfing it.

But the funny part is, she drove for hours with it in the trunk/pass-through back seat of a 2002 Olds Alero. Along with two people in the back sitting on the folded-down back seat being uber-crowded by the BAM!!

Now them there are some friends...

And to the question, "Is there anything you can't work a gun angle into?" the answer is, apparently, "No".

Sunday, August 12, 2007

There Must Be a Link.

Driving home today I noticed the corn is not very high for this time of year.

Big time.

Somehow, this must be the responsibility of Rethuglicans and the nutty right-wing Christians.
I mean, it's got to be their fault, right?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's Coming Soon!! GBR Part Duex!!!

Don't forget, Mr. Completely's Gunblogger Rendezvous is this October in Reno, Nevada!!
There will be guns, gambling, good times and top-notch bloggers. Oh, yeah: I'll be there too (a bottom notch blogger?), with the missus (an uber-top-notch wife).

The details for registration and hotel info is here:

So get on over and get signed up; we'll leave the light on for you...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Final Proof...

that the British Government is stupid, evil and insane, all at the same time.

British Gang-banger?

Samurai Swords to be Banned

By Emma Henry and agencies
Last Updated: 12:56pm GMT 05/03/2007

The sale of imitation samurai swords could be banned by the end of the year, the Home Office announced today.

Imitation samurai swords. Read - affordable.
I wonder if razors, sabres, rapiers and ninja swords are ok?

Pending bans are being considered as well for sticks, bats, scissors, feet, and hands.

Especially hands with opposable thumbs.

Importing or hiring the weapons could also be made illegal following a string of samurai sword attacks in recent years.

Ok, that must be a cultural thing. How do you "hire" a weapon?
Must be as in rent.
But then again, we are talking about nanny-state morons, that think swords and guns kill and maim of their own volition.

How many attacks constitute a string, BTW?

Breaching the ban, which is targeted at cheap imitation samurai swords rather than the more expensive genuine collectors' items made by licensed swordsmiths in Japan, would result in up to six months in jail and a £5,000 fine.
Of course, you want to disarm the poor first. They have no advocates, because they can't afford them.
We'll get the rest of those evil metallic killing sticks after that; first things first.

Typical liberals.

Of course, like their retarded gun laws, this will leave only the government, criminals (yes, I realize that is redundant) and the very rich armed.

The sheep will have to fend for themselves. With stern looks, apparently.

Collectors and martial arts enthusiasts owning or using genuine samurai swords would be exepmt (sic) from the ban (sic)

Of course they will be. Same tune, different instrument.

We don't want your hunting guns, just those evil black rifles.
(The hunting rifles wood or composite, long-range, optically enhanced, tuned, deadly accurate, bullet-proof vest penetrating, one-shot one-kill, military style, large caliber, assassination sniper rifles will be later...)

According to Home Office estimates, there have been at least 80 serious crimes involving the swords in England and Wales over the last four years.

TWENTY A YEAR?!?!?! Good Lord! It's a wonder you have any population left between that, abortion and all the shootings from the outlawed guns you don't have on the streets!!

One MP recently warned that they were being used by criminal gangs as the preferred weapon of choice after guns.

Just like "assault rifles" are the choice of criminals here (and no, I don't mean Atlanta SWAT teams!).
No, no, no! Please don't bother to back anything up with data. We always trust the elected anointed.

Last month, amphetamine addict Hugh Penrose was jailed for at least 19 years for hacking a 21-year-old woman with a samurai sword and then deliberately running her over.
Uhhh...then aren't you going to outlaw the cars, too?
I mean, by their logic...
How's that whole outlawing amphetamines working out, too?

In October, Bradley Moran was jailed for 17 years for murdering another man with a samurai sword following an argument in a nightclub.
See what happens if you bring a sword to a fight in Texas or Ohio.
Too bad you pu**ies don't have the death penalty.
17 years seems a little light for a murder don'tcha think?
Are you sure this didn't happen in New York or L.A.?

May if you quintupled that sentence you'd be on to something.

It is currently legal to buy samurai swords - which are freely available at martial arts shops and on the internet - provided they are not brandished in a public place.

Note they are not just available; they are freely available. Probably due to the undue influence of the National Samurai Sword Association and their paid-off, child-hating political lackeys.
Maybe there would be less stabbings if you let law-abiding citizens subjects go about armed.

The Home Office now wants to ban their sale as part of a wider crackdown on knives and bladed weapons.

When will the madness stop!?!?!?
They need to outlaw all weapons and drugs and speech and fossil fuels!!

For the children!!!

Carrying a samurai sword in a public place already attracts a maximum jail sentence of four years.

Because the UK government is gay.

Vernon Coaker, the Home Office minister, said today: "Samurai sword crime is low in volume but high in profile and I recognise (sic - spell it Americanized, dang it!) it can have a devastating impact.

Brilliant. Did he just say that?
How insightful.

Having a high profile is now the standard for law enforcement and legal code decisions, not the actual numbers of crimes.

"Banning the sale, import and hire will take more dangerous weapons out of circulation, making our streets safer.

Just like the gun thing. Yay!
Do these morons actually believe this garbage they spew, or is it just a matter of political expediency?
Do they even read their own crime statistics?

"We recognise it is the cheap, easily-available samurai swords which are being used in crime and not the genuine, more expensive samurai swords which are of interest to collectors and martial arts enthusiasts."
Yes, the cheap Saturday Night Samurai Specials cause crime.
We don't want to ban legitimate sporting swords, though.

My brain.

Is going.

To explode.

"It is already illegal to have a samurai sword in a public place but I want to restrict the number of dangerous weapons in circulation to enhance community safety."

Because words on paper stop violence.
Just wait a while longer and we'll prove it.

The plans are outlined in a consultation paper, Banning Offensive Weapons, published by the Home Office today.
Is there such a thing as a defensive weapon in England?

At present there are 17 weapons, including knuckle-dusters and batons, on the Offensive Weapons Order.
And yet, problems persist. Although I'll grant I haven't heard of a knuckle-duster crime spree for weeks now.
Maybe they should make everything out of Nerf, like Say Uncle mentioned.

Are they going to throw in the ban on kitchen knives (really) with this, or will that be another round of regulations to which they can chest-thump?

The exemptions would be for groups such as the To-ken Society of Great Britain and the British Kendo Association.
As long as they are all serial numbered, registered, locked away, and the owners are fingerprinted and background checked. Maybe they could RFID tag sword owners AND their weapons.
Just to be safe.
For the children.

Last year, Tory MP James Brokenshire (Hornchurch) said cheap samurai swords were as easy to buy "as purchasing a Lotto ticket".

I'm sure he had a point, I'm just not sure what it is.

A Request

A cool, conservative (not that that matters) relative of mine (David) was just diagnosed with cancer.
Please pray for him.


Monday, August 06, 2007

It Is Time...

for the next Mr. Completely's ePostal contest, this month coming to you courtesy of Carnaby Fudge!!

This time it looks like we're going to be point shooting rapid fire. Yee-haw!!

I'll get skunked, but it will be a blast (no pun intended).

Get all the gooey gun goodness (rules and target download in pdf) here:

Print rules.
Print targets.
Shoot, shoot, shoot.

Repeat as necessary.

Isn't This News?

And if not, why not?

If Hillary or Gudy had a lead like that it'd be front page news.

See the poll here, while it's still up

ABC News Poll: Who won the Republican debate?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Home On the Range

(Click any pic for a bigger, badder view!)

Range day highlights included some trap-shooting and lots of conversation. Then before it got too dark, friend Bobcreek broke out the Sten sub-machine gun (in 9mm).

Much lead was thrown.
This guy and his girlfriend happened by, and got to shoot it too! Interestingly, that is how I got to shoot my first one, too. Right place at the right time.

I tried to get a picture of the muzzle blast (flame), but all I could get was the smoke to show up a little. STOOPID DIGITAL CAMERA!!

At dark, we went into the pistol range for a little blasty goodness, and decided to line up the various cartridges we had with us, just for shiggles.
Can you determine which one is which? Answers below the picture.

From left to right:
50 BMG (of course)
416 Barret
408 Cheytac
223 Remington/5.56mm (M-16 round)
41 Mag
38 Special
45 ACP
9mm NATO
22 Long Rifle

I forgot I had a 357 Mag in my box. Oh well.
And finally, D brought his home brewed "Green Weenie" I don't know why he calls it that, and I don't want to know... Of course, it is a 1911 45.

And yes the hammer is back, but it is cleared, and pointing downrange.

It is a beautiful piece, and a great shooter.
Smooth and accurate. And D does most of his own customizing work, too.
Between him and H, I'm in good shape!

I think I'm going to start taking more range day pics, as they rock.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rock It.

You can say what you will about German speed metal band Helloween, but you can't deny that (then) lead singer Michael Kiske can really belt out a tune.


I don't much care for their newer stuff, but back in the day...
(Yeah, I hate that expression, too.)