Tuesday, January 29, 2008

True Gun Control

This is a sign someone hung up at our pistol club. It is the official State of Ohio "we hate concealed carry and gun-owners and the God-given right to self and family defense" sign that guts the right to self-defense at schools, factories, gas stations, malls, stores, etc...
These signs make those places super-safe gun free zones!

You'll note, however, that this particular sign has been modified a bit (click pic to enlargify).

Sheesh. Some gun people have strange senses of humor.
Now I wonder who could have done that?

The holes appear to have been made by a 45 ACP 1911 model at a moderately rapid rate of fire using a two-handed grip in a modified Weaver stance, from a distance of 21 feet. This was done, apparently, using Oregon Trail's Lasercast 200gr semiwadcutter bullets with 4.4 gr of Winchester 231 powder (and Winchester primers) behind them, on a Friday night once upon a time.

Well, at least that's my best guess.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Might As Well Do It Up Right.

So my high blood pressure medicine says one needs to take it with food.

Bacon is indeed food, salt and fat notwithstanding.

Heh. Sweet, sweet, Salty, salty irony...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pro-Life, Are You?

Then you might find this interesting:

Ron Paul Joins March for Life

(CNSNews.com ) - Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was the only GOP presidential candidate to make an appearance at the 35th annual March for Life on Tuesday, the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision giving women the right to abortion on demand.

Dr. Paul, an OB/GYN, said he has delivered more than 4,000 babies and that in medical school he "quickly learned" that "when I dealt with a pregnant woman I always had two patients."

"The debate about when life begins should not be a debate," Paul said. "Let me assure you that all life begins at conception." Hear Audio

"You cannot defend liberty without defending life," he said.
How true.

I guess the other guys couldn't make it...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My First Pistol and a Murder

My first pistol was a Ruger MK II in 22 Long Rifle.
It was nothing fancy; no bull-barrel, just a tapered one, plain-Jane sights (fixed, if I recall correctly) with a blued finish and a stock trigger, .
Much like the one in this picture, sans the adjustable rear sight.

It was used, but in good shape. Likewise, it was accurate and dependable.
In my opinion, the Mark II is one of the best designed 22 pistols ever.
Given their price, even today, one would be hard pressed to find a better pistol for the money.

This particular firearm made the rounds between myself and several friends -
T would sell it to me, I would sell it to B, B would sell it to M, M would sell it back to T later.
This was back in the 80's, and if I recall, the going rate was about $100 as it bounced from friend to friend and back again. (BTW, I will buy all the $100 Mark II's you can get!!!)

It had a comfortable feel; the grip was slightly worn from many of us, and other friends, using it.
It had 1000's and 1000's of rounds through it. You could hit a dime with it at 25 feet all day long. Beer and soda cans you could nail dang near as far as you could see them. And of course, 22 ammo is inexpensive compared to center-fire ammo like 9mm or 45 ACP. You could get hours of trigger time in for just a few dollars.

It felt solid in the hand. Balanced. Reassuring, even.
Utilitarian and fun and serious, all at the same time. It just felt...right.
It kind of became an old friend, like your favorite pocket knife, bathrobe, or hammer.

It's presence was associated with many good times, as it should have been; it had been to an uncountable number of range sessions over the years. It was even used to deter violence once, when it was in my possession - but that is another story for another day.

Then it left the "family", or "inner circle" if you will, and got sold to Wes.

Wes was older than us, a law-enforcement officer (a local jailer in town, to be precise), a casual friend, and a regular at the drive-through carry-out where I worked in my youth. He would go fishing with you, or go out and quaff a brew or two with you.

Perhaps we even drank a beer at work.
Heh. Perhaps.

Wes liked to drink, as did the rest of us.

Then one day, out of the blue, Wes had been drinking (MD 20/20 it is rumored), and murdered his girlfriend in front of her two young children by shooting her multiple times in the head with the aforementioned weapon. I think the kids were like 3 and 5, or 4 and 6 - something like that.

It was horribly shocking to all of us.


And undeniably true.

I didn't know his girlfriend very well, but I did know her, and had met her kids at the carry-out, too.

I was young. Late teens or early 20's, and for some reason, I felt betrayed.
How dare someone I liked turn out to be such a dark, low form of life? Even more disturbing, how could I not have recognized this darkness.

And how sad it was to think that my small town had a murderer in it whom with I had shared drink and broke bread. Murder where I live is front page news for weeks or months.

The whole thing killed a little piece of me. Something which I can (and do) deal with, but conversely it is something from which I can never fully recover, either.

Interestingly, it never occurred to me to blame the hardware used (nor the alcohol, drugs, his parents, or society for that matter). The gun, now technically a murder weapon, is no different than it was prior to the act. It is neither "bad", nor "good". It is still just a well designed tool, made to propel a small projectile at a relatively high speed, with some reasonable degree of accuracy. But a tool nonetheless - just like a hammer, a chainsaw, a box-end wrench or a pitchfork.

A tool that was horribly, tragically, evilly misused.

Of course, the antigunners will make the easy access argument, or play the "See - all people are really raging, seething monsters underneath, with no self-control, ready to snap at any moment" card. But the belief that a lack of access to tools would have prevented this sickening event is fallacious. And dangerous to liberty and freedom.

I'm sure they would have been much happier if he had beaten or stomped her to death, or slashed her throat.

I guess that's why I'm not a liberal, or a GFW.

Personally, I think there was one gun too few in that situation. But we'll never know, will we?

I wonder how those kids turned out...

Update: Apparently, he was paroled last year, in May. Swell.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Maybe I Can Be a Professional Pundit

So I'm watching CBS Saturday night and they have an important update on the Nevada caucuses.

First, they show a graphic the Dims, with The Lizard Queen in first, B. Hussein second, and the Breck Girl in third place.

Then, basically, this is what they said about the R's.
"And on the Republican side, Mitt Romney won."
(Shows large graphic of Mitt and His Hair with a big check-mark)
"Good night."

I say to myself, "Self, that must mean Ron Paul took second place".
And indeed, it was so.

Maybe I can use my clairvoyant powers to be a professional pundit for all things political.
Although I suppose I would settle for just being able to pick the lottery numbers.

And I see Fox News was helping, too. Fair and balanced? I wonder sometimes.

I understand if people don't want to vote for a candidate, but why does the news constantly try and hurt this one guy? Is it the liberty and freedom thing they hate, or the Constitution thing?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Who Gives the Orders Here?

Why the Dance Commander, courtesy of Electric Six, of course.

I can't help it, I just like this tune, and sometimes I can't get it out of my head.

And man, talk about a quirky group...

If you don't like it, blame Vox; he's the one that turned me on to them.

Friday, January 18, 2008

SWAT Was That?

These two paragraphs kind of stuck out at me in this good piece on the militarization of the police in America, specifically SWAT teams.

playing SEALs and robbers

When you dress like a soldier, carry the same equipment as a soldier, talk like a soldier, train like a soldier (and in many cases, alongside a soldier), and you’re told that you’re fighting a war, then sooner or later you’ll feel like a soldier, and then you’ll start acting like one.

The problem with that is that the mission of the soldier and that of the cop are fundamentally incompatible. The soldier is there to kill the enemy and break his stuff. The cop is there to impartially enforce the law with the least amount of force necessary for the job.

And this is probably an appropriate read, after the recent ugly incident in Lima, Ohio.

Dynamic entries should be like the Dems take on abortion; safe, legal and rare.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

As Homer Simpson Says...

It's funny, because it's true.

What dads do with kids action figures -

H/T to my mom!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Party's Over

The Republican Party, that is.

Bush administration backs gun regulation


Public 'threatened' by private-firearms ownership

I finally found a picture that summarizes Bush's commitment to conservatism and the Constitution, smaller government and the people that voted for him, especially gun owners.

But why fret; after all, the Constitution is just a piece of paper.

I can only surmise Bush's actions are a direct result of his wish to have Hillary ascend to the throne, and leave the Republican party in a shambles, with the guarantee of another 40 years (at least) of minority status. I wonder how much he's donated to her campaign.

So all I have to say is
Dear George: Right back at you, mo########er.
I feel sick to my stomach.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Survival of the Fittest?

Liberals and other gun fearing wussies don't mind dead mall shoppers and school kids. They would rather trust the benevolence, speed and efficiency of the government to save people, as opposed to letting people fend for themselves.

And as for people who are determined to defend themselves, they want to disarm them with the brute force of government. Even by sending guys with guns over to disarm them.

Remember this classic?

"If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it." - Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif, discussing the 1994 "crime bill", one of the largest gun control bills of the last 30 years.
And of course, implied in that is, "turn them in, or else".

Liberals sneer at the thought that we are the product of the Creator, evidence notwithstanding.

So for the evolutionary gun-grabbers, I posit this:

From a Darwinian/evolutionary perspective, those with the most effective and proper tools for survival in a given situation are indeed more fit for survival (think fire, clothing, spears, etc).
So, trained gun-owners are higher on the evolutionary scale than unarmed GFW's, and nanny-staters are.

So c'mon kids!! Make an evolutionary leap, and get yourself a pistol, or an evil black rifle, or both!!!

Or you can just sit in your puddle of fictional primordial goop and wait for your masters to save you or slay you...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


This is an older video, but it is still impressive nonetheless.

I need to practice WAY more.
Like 30 years more...

And just FYI, that's a revolver he's shooting!

Anyway, enjoy.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Viagra Side Effects

Something I found interesting.

Now I don't use Viagra, being a conservative/libertarian stallion and all, but I have noticed a side effect of Viagra anyway, even as one who doesn't use it.

Of note, Viagra can affect your vision, and can cause heart palpitations and shock, among other things. That being said, I've experienced some of these similar effects, without even taking the drug...

I get these symptoms when watching the commercials where they sing "Viva Viagra" to the tune "Viva Las Vegas". And no, I won't link to it.

First the heart condition stuff – when this commercial comes on, I get heart palpitations, shortness of breath and elevated stress levels brought on by the insipidness of the commercial.
I think my eyes bulge out a little, too.
These symptoms immediatly precipitate the feelings of serious mayhem and damage that I want to inflict on the guitar-playing tards in the commercial, as well as the intense pain and ultimately slow death that I want to inflict on the producers, writers and directors of the commercial.

As far as vision effects, I'm blinded by anger, annoyance and exasperation; I thought antidepressants made you go into a blind murderous rage, not E.D. commercials.
But there you have it.

And interestingly, even though I'm a gun-guy, I have no interest in shooting these folk. I just want to strangle those bastards, or beat them into oblivion with their instruments. "Banjo-of-Death" anyone?
It's probably the easy access to musical instruments that's to blame for this one.

Axes and knives come to mind, too. More personal.

Viagra works great for you? Swell (no pun intended).
But keep it to yourself. Have not these people heard of discretion?

By the way, if you want to have some fun with a company nurse having a hectic day, tell her you have priapism and watch her reaction, like my brother did at work. I think the nurse may have experienced some of the same feelings I had, after she stopped laughing.

Now, lets see a funny Bud Lite commercial or something.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Do Feel Lucky, Punk!!

(Click on pics for a better view)


The birth of our Savior.


Helping the less fortunate.

Good will towards men.

Peace on earth.


Ayup, that about covers it.

And of course, when one has the coolest wife in the world, hardware happens.

Oh, look! A gift!!

It's in a lockable attache case.

Is it a spy camera maybe?
Perhaps a nuclear detonator?
The missing 18 1/2 minutes of the Nixon tapes?

Upon closer examination, we see something that says "Performance Center" on the case.
Hmmmm. Performance.
Maybe it's a 4BBL caurberator, or a new mass air flow sensor for the Trans Am!!
I know it can't be an ED thing for performance. Hmmm, indeed.

There is also the cryptic SW emblem on it.
Hmm.... Smiting Wussies? Spurious Wombats? Superatomic Wedgie?

Hard to say.
Mayhap I should open it and see!!

Oh my! Is that a scoped, stainless steel Super-Soaker?
Let's look a little closer...

If it is a Super-Soaker, it puts out a .44 inch stream of water!
Maybe the lettering on the barrel....

WOO-HOO!!! It's not a soaker, it's a freakin' HOG LEG!!
(That means a big-ass pistol to you city-folk.)

That, my friends, is a box-'o'-tiger-repellent.

In 44 Magnum flavor no less!!

Indeed, this is a Smith and Wesson 629-5 in 44 Magnum.
And not only is it a 629, it's a Performance Center 629.

And what does that mean? It' s basically a customized gun that was customized at the factory.
Notice that compensator and scope rail are integral to the 7 inch barrel; all machined out of the same piece of metal. Slab sided and all stainless.

And the trigger.... Oh, baby!
Truly a pleasure.

This particular piece also comes with a TC (Thompson Center) adjustable scope with a lighted reticle.

The scope rings also allow use of the fixed sights underneath the scope.
This weapon is quite suitable for hunting deer, as well as taking down tigers, vermicious knids or animals with blue UN helmets.

It shoots well, and has surprisingly manageable recoil (as 44's go), due (I would imagine) to the compensator, and the sheer weight of the gun and optics combined. It came from the pawn shop sighted in for 50 yards, it would seem. I haven't shot it off of sandbags yet, but it does quite nicely freehand with regular factory ammo.

I'll have to start rolling my own of this caliber if I want to shoot it much. $24 plus tax for 50 rounds at Wally World. Ouch!

For proportion, here are some cartridges in different sizes, from left to right:
22 Long Rifle, 115 gr 9mm Luger, 180 gr 40 Smith and Wesson, 200 gr 45 ACP, 125 gr 357 Magnum, and the nice, fat 240 grain 44 Magnum.

It's a thumper, alright.

And all technical aspects aside, it's just plain purty.

Even my mom likes it.

I think this was an appropriate first post for the new year, at least for this little blog.

Happy New Year all!