Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ePostal Results

At last, here are the results of Mr. Completely's April ePostal Contest: Don't Abduct Me, Bro!.
Sorry it took so long.

Name Firearm Caliber 1 Hand 2 Hand Total

Score Score Score

Class One - Rimfire Open Sights

Name Firearm Caliber 1 Hand 2 Hand Total
Billl Ruger MK I 22 LR 11 9 20
Thor CZ75 Cadet 22 LR 8 9 17
Merle Ruger super single six 22 LR 7 6 13

Class 2 - Rimfire with Optics

Name Firearm Caliber 1 Hand 2 Hand Total
jimmyb High Standard 22 LR 11 19 30
Mr. Completely High Standard 22 LR 7 11 18
Merle Ruger Mark 2 22 LR 7 8 15

Class 3 -Centerfire Open Sights

Name Firearm Caliber 1 Hand 2 Hand Total
Leon CZ SP-01 9mm 11 15 26
Manfred H&K Mark 23 45 ACP 11 8 19
BillH Glock 27 45 ACP 10 8 18
Thor Springfield XD 45 ACP 6 10 16
Merle Enfield 5" Revolver 380/200 9 5 14
KD5NRH Ruger Blackhawk 357 Mag 6 8 14

Class 4 -Centerfire with Optics

Name Firearm Caliber 1 Hand 2 Hand Total
jimmyb Colt 1911 45 ACP 10 10 20
Merle Dan Wesson revolver 357 mag 9 8 17

Class 5 - Other

Name Firearm
Caliber 1 Hand 2 Hand Total
Robert M. Pietta Rem 1858 45 8 5 13

Black powder, open sights

Notes of interest:

Merle shot all 4 classes - THAT is dedication!

Robert M. is an 18 year old libertarian (and Ron Paul supporter!). It's great to see young shooters, especially ones with cool revolvers! Go take out a young and/or new shooter this month; you'll both enjoy it, and it will help preserve our rights and heritage...

KD5NRH shot his targets while standing in a brier patch. That is dedication, too!!

Leon and Manfred are both blogger/shooters from France, and make Mr. C's ePostal contest an international event!!

Thor began shooting again a couple of months ago, after a 25 yr hiatus. And he did a dang fine job, too. Make sure to keep shooting, Thor; 25 years is too long!

Billl tells us the following:
"Saturday at the range it was 25 deg, 30 mph winds, blowing dust and dirt mixed with snow.
Today at the range it was 72 deg, 5mph winds, slightly overcast.
Springtime in the rockies. Took my daughter along, had great fun."
Sounds like good times (except for the wind). :)

And finally, I shot a perfect score on my two handed rimfire! Yay!! A rarity, to be sure.

Thanks to all the shooters for participating in the contest, and don't forget to enter the next contest (which should be announced soon(, hosted by our friends across the way at Armes et tir passion.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Two notes:

1. This is the last day for the ePostal Contest: Don't Abduct Me, Bro!

2. If you attempt to energize a 3000KVA transformer by throwing in the 13,800 volt switch connected to it, and you hear a big shotgun type bang; that's bad.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Don't Forget the ePostal Contest!

This is the last weekend you have to shoot the ePostal contest!!

The deadline is 11:59:59 PM, Monday April 28th.

Details are here: ePostal Contest: Don't Abduct Me, Bro!

Necessary items: Guns, ammo, targets, good safety awareness and habits, and a thirst for fun (and a thirst for freedom doesn't hurt, either).

Now go hit it this weekend (or Monday!).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're Number 2! We're Number 2!

GM is now the number 2 automaker in the world (at least for this past quarter).

And GM's managed to modify its market share from %30.2, down to %22.1 in just 5 years!

Nice job, Mr. Wagoner.
Make sure you give yourself a nice bonus for a job well done.

PS - Dear GM Board:
I can lose you market share and I'll only charge you 1/4 of Rick's salary!!

I will await your call...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Annoying and Yet Catchy at the Same Time

So like, there was this guy who told me guns kill people and they should be illegal, and I was all like, Yeah WHATEVER!

H/T to Vox, who has an eclectic taste in music.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Let's Get to It

Good news, if it weren't for tree-huggers and price manipulation.

Massive Oil Deposit Could Increase US reserves by 10x

America is sitting on top of a super massive 200 billion barrel Oil Field that could potentially make America Energy Independent and until now has largely gone unnoticed.

The US imported about 14 million barrels of Oil per day in 2007 , which means US consumers sent about $340 Billion Dollars over seas building palaces in Dubai and propping up unfriendly regimes around the World, if 200 billion barrels of oil at $90 a barrel are recovered in the high plains the added wealth to the US economy would be $18 Trillion Dollars which would go a long way in stabilizing the US trade deficit and could cut the cost of oil in half in the long run.
Why do I get the feeling nothing will come of this?
You know Alaskans get a check every year for their oil. Can we do that here on the mainland?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You Ever

just get in one of those moods?
The Terminator II and classic Guns and Roses.
Great song from a great movie.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Giant Passes

Friend of the Second Amendment.
Friend of America.

Charlton Heston is no more on this earth.

Thank you for putting a face (and voice, for that matter!) on gun owners that people could love, admire, and trust.
If you can't trust Detective Robert Thorn, Colonel George Taylor, and Moses, then who the heck can you trust?

And let's face it; Chuck was just plain cool. And classy.

You will be missed, sir.
God bless you and your family.

Now, go buy a gun or two to honor his memory.
Or more...

Friday, April 04, 2008

ePostal Contest: Don't Abduct Me, Bro!

Ok kids; here it is - the second ePostal contest of the season.

Here's the theme -
Aliens want to abduct you!

And do... stuff... to you.

Your mission is to stop them.
You know, from doing... stuff.

(Target courtesy of The Glock FAQ)
But of course, life is never simple...
So here are the rules (any similarity to Mr. C's rules is purely because I blatantly plagiarized them):

For every entry, you will need to shoot two targets, each printed out on a single 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Download the target here (it's a PDF file, so you'll need the free Adobe Reader):

ePostal Target - Aliens II

DISTANCE: All Classes: 25 feet, or 10 yards, which ever is available to you.


First Target: 10 shots, offhand, standing, unsupported, 1 or 2 hands, your choice (three hands allowed if you're an alien).

Second Target
: 10 shots, offhand, standing, unsupported, 1 hand only, left, right, or middle hand - your choice! (NOW you remember me, don't you??!!)

The targets must be shot in pairs. You cannot shoot several target #1's, then shoot several target #2's and put together the best two. You can only submit one target pair per shooter/gun. You can shoot multiple entries, however, with different firearms.

You can shoot the match more than once if you don't like your score and want to try again, but remember to shoot the targets in sets.

SCORING: 10 shots per target, for a total of 20 shots per entry.
Touching any object once will score.
There are 7 large objects in a circular configuration in the center of the target (six aliens and a ship) -

These large objects are worth 1 point each.

There is also a row of small spaceships on the top (5) and bottom (4) of the target.
These small objects are worth 2 points each.

Only one hit per object allowed. Multiple hits on a single object will only score once.

A perfect set will render a score of 38 points (2 X 9 ships, plus 1 alien or the 1 big ship = 19 points per target). This may take a little strategery, depending on what you're shooting.

Mark your individual scores for each target, target #1 total score, target #2 total score, the total score for both targets combined, and the name you want to use when listed in the results all on target #1 with a legible felt pen, along with the class and type of gun used.

Don't write your name on the target, only the name you want to appear in the results.
Email the results to me at cugblog AT msn DOT com.

CLASS ONE: Rimfire - Iron Sight. Any rimfire handgun with no more than a 12" barrel. Optical sights such as red dots, lasers, or scopes are not allowed.

CLASS TWO: Rimfire - Optic Sight. Any rimfire handgun with no more than a 12" barrel. Red dots sights, lasers, or scopes can be used.

CLASS THREE: Centerfire - Iron Sight. Any centerfire handgun with no more than a 12" barrel. Optical sights such as red dots, lasers, or scopes are not allowed.

CLASS FOUR: Centerfire - Optic Sight. Any centerfire handgun with no more than a 12" barrel. Red dots sights, lasers, or scopes can be used.

CLASS FIVE: Other stuff - BB, pellet, arrows, slingshots... Let me know, but no shotguns.

ALTERNATE ENTRIES: If for whatever reason you cannot shoot the match in the manner described, shoot it anyway and send in your entry, but be sure to tell me what you did so I can include that info in the results.

MULTIPLE ENTRIES: You can enter more than once, in fact, it is encouraged. Shoot everything you own, and everything you can borrow! Take a buddy to the range, get him entered, then borrow his gun and enter that! The only restriction is that a shooter can only enter once for any given gun.

Different calibers in the same gun count as one gun. For example, .38SPL and .357MAG are considered as one, as would be .44SPL and .44MAG. Different guns of the same caliber and barrel length can be entered. A .22 conversion on a .45 frame counts as a second gun, so you can take off the conversion and shoot the .45 too.

PRIZES: My complete respect and adoration, as well as the respect of shooters (literally) across the globe, as well as a kudos on my site, which is read by
millions of

thousands of

hundreds of

tens of
some people every day.

SUBMITTING YOUR ENTRY: Take a digital photo of (or scan) your targets, and email the image(s), along with:

1. Your score for target #1, target #2, and your total target score.

2. The name you want to be used when we post the results.

3. Gun description - Brand, model, semi-auto, revolver, caliber, barrel length, and type of sights.

4. Class:
Class One - Rimfire Iron Sight
Class Two - Rimfire Optical Sight
Class Three - Centerfire Iron sight
Class Four - Centerfire Optical sight.

5. Anything interesting or unique about your entry that other shooters might enjoy hearing about.

6. Hot stock tips.

And if you're not quite motivated yet, here is a video of Joe Satriani playing "Surfing with the Alien" live, to get you going.


See you at the range.
Have fun, and be safe! :)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

ePostal Results

The results for the first ePostal contest of the season are up at Mr. Completely's place:

e-Postal "Frequent Flier" Results

Here are the rimfire (with optics) results, but make sure to check them all out -

Class II - Rimfire Optic Sight

Place Name Handgun Caliber Bulls Flies Total Score
1. Mr. C. S&W 422 6" .22 91 6 97
2. Mr. C. High Standard 106 .22 92 4 96
3. JimmyB High Standard .22 89 5 94
4. Sebastian Ruger MK-III 22/45 .22 84 7 91
5. Denise Unknown .22 84 6 90
6. KeeWee High Standard Sharpshooter .22 85 4 89
7. US Citizen S&W 22A .22 83 5 88
8. Merle Ruger MK-II .22 84 1 85
9. Mad Gun Magnum Research Picuda .22 73 8 81

And make sure you enter April's contest, hosted right here!!
It will start April 7th, and go throught the 28th (or so). I'll try to have it posted by Friday, however, to give folks an extra weekend to shoot it.