Thursday, October 16, 2008

If You Would...

UPDATE: Smike came through splendidly; he even got to go home the same day! Probably be off of work a few weeks, but that's better than the alternative. He's in recoup mode now.

Please say a prayer for my brother Smike (the aforementioned groundhog slayer), who is having what is pretty close to emergency gall bladder surgery in the morning.

He's a good man.
Besides being a stubborn-ass and putting off things too long and landing in the hospital.

And I do have some GBR posting coming up, too.
And I know Smike wants to see the pics.

Also, please say some prayers and send good vibes for my friend Todd.
He's 41 with kids and is fighting a valiant battle against his cancer.

Thanks to all in advance.