Thursday, April 09, 2009

One of My Favorite Liberals...

is Camille Paglia.

She has a sharp wit (and mind in general), is an excellent writer, and calls them like she sees them, even when is is detrimental to her side.

She also comes up with gems like this:

Liberalism, like second-wave feminism, seems to have become a new religion for those who profess contempt for religion. It has been reduced to an elitist set of rhetorical formulas, which posit the working class as passive, mindless victims in desperate need of salvation by the state. Individual rights and free expression, which used to be liberal values, are being gradually subsumed to worship of government power.

That is what one calls "hitting the nail on the head", I do believe.
Go give her a read here: Bow-ow-ow: Obama's painful missteps

(And yes, that title she is using refers to Barry B. Hussein bowing to a Saudi King.)