Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who Knows...?

OMG WTF?!?!? SWINE FLU!!!! (again).

Careful folks, it's killed over 80 people who have some of the crappiest medical care available in the world!!!
Oh noes!!

However, let's balance this a little with U.S. flu/pneumonia deaths in 2006 - 56,247!!!
So, no need to panic, right? Oh, wait...

US declares public health emergency for swineflu

WASHINGTON – The U.S. declared a public healthemergency Sunday to deal with the emerging new swine flu, much like thegovernment does to prepare for approaching hurricanes.Officials reported 20 U.S. cases of swine flu in five states so

20 vs 56,000? Frgive my lack of panic, but I am still more fearful of government than I am the flu. BW, how much money and liberty will this "catastrophe" cost me?

But wait!! It could get worse!!

Swine Flu Could Become More Dangerous

Ya think? Almost anything could get worse. Hell, look at Washington DC!!

The swine flu virus that has killed more than 80 people in Mexico may mutateinto
a "more dangerous" strain, the World Health Organisation has warned.

Quick, we need US taxpayer money!! STAT!!! SCNELL!!!!

Keep in mind the heterosexual AIDS epidemic.
Or global cooling...

And by the way, I thought it was bird flu (after AIDS and killer bees) that were going to kill us all.On the other hand...I'm sure this is just a coincidence from last week:

Missing Killer Flu Virus Sample Count Not Clear: CDC
THURSDAY, April 21(HealthDay News) -- As many as a couple of dozen test
kits containing a deadlyflu virus still have not been rounded up and destroyed
in the United States,government health officials said Thursday.


Deadly Pathogens MayHave Gone Missing At Fort Detrick, Maryland

2009-04-22 19:57:53

Fort Detrick's infectious disease laboratory in Frederick, Maryland, isunder
investigation by the Army's Criminal Investigation Command for thepossible
disappearance of some of its stock of deadly pathogens, officials forthe Army
and the lab said today.

Nothing to see here folks; move along...
I freakin' knew I should never have read King's The Stand.
Captain Trips, anyone?

Just kidding.

And don't worry, our glorious leadership is on it and will prevail:

No Criminal Misconduct Found In Case Of Missing Army Vials

Errr... or not.

But hey, it's not like there has ever been a case where something dangerous has gotten out of a high-tech lab in real life. Oops.

So what's the bottom line?
Laugh at the overreactive press and the doom sayers?
Go into complete panic mode?

Why the hell are you asking me?

Interesting times, friends. Interesting times...

Note: None of this precludes my advice for buying ammo or food or weapons. Even if you don't need them, they're fun and utile!!!