Sunday, May 06, 2012

April 2012 ePostal Contest

Here it is!  The long-awaited results of  the April 2012 ePostal contest -
Class 1 22 LR Open Sights

Place  Name Gun Score
1 True Blue Sam Ruger Single Six 27
2 Joat Ruger MK III 27
3 Billl Ruger MK I 21
4 Engineering Johnson Ruger 22/45 14
5 Danno Ruger 22/45 11
6 Danno Ruger Single Six 11
7 Paula B Ruger MK II 10

Class 2 Rimfire w/optics (1X)

Place  Name Gun Score

1 Mr. Completely High Standard Oko 52
2 jimmyb  Ruger MKII Eotech 40

class 3 Ctr Fire auto no optics

Place  Name Gun Score
1 jimmyb Glock 19 17
2 Engineering Johnson Glock 21 13

Class 7 Rimfire any optics

Place  Name Gun Score
1 True Blue Sam Contender 22lr 2.5 Bushnell 51
2 Mrs True Blue Sam Contender 22lr 2.5 Bushnell 28

True Blue Sam and his wife did a bang-up job with the Contender, and are thinking about getting a new Ruger Lite.  (We just sold one; they're sweet!)

Joat noted:  No chipmunks were harmed in this entry but the wood ducks were not happy with the noise.

Billll and his one of his students, PaulaB, both did a fine job.  Great way to get people involved Billll!

Danno also fared well, and he had to shoot at 11 yards instead of 10...

And Engineering Johnson shot even further at 14 yards.  Nicely done, EJ.

And as per the typical ePostal Match April edition tradition, I was once again soundly thrashed by Mr. Completely.  I will say, it was my honor.

Thanks to all who participated!!  Some great shooting - this was a tough target!!

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