Sunday, May 05, 2013

April ePostal Contest Results

Update:  Pat B was mistakenly listed as being in Class II, when he should have been listed as Class I.  This puts him in first place for Class I. 

The results are in!  Ta Da!!  We had 2 classes entered this time; Class 1 (rimfire, no optics) and Class 2 (rimfire w/optics).  Thanks to all who shot, and look for soon for this month's contest at The Smallest Conservative and/or Sand Castle Scrolls.

Class I 

Place Name Gun Score

1 PatB Ruger SR-22 9
2 Billl Ruger MKI 8
3 Mike B Ruger Single Six 5
4 Danno Ruger 22-45 4
5 Danno Ruger Single Six 4

Class II

Place Name Gun Score

1 Mr Completely High Standard w/Oko Red dot 13
2 Pat B Ruger SR-22 9
2 jimmyb Ruger MK II w/Red dot 5
3 Mrs True Blue Sam Ruger MK III w/Red dot 5
4 Mr True Blue Sam Ruger MK III w/Red dot 4