Sunday, May 10, 2015

ePostal Contest Results - April 2015

Here are the results of the April 2015 ePostal Contest -

They are as follows:


Class 1Rimfire Iron Sight

1BillllRuger MKI18
1MikeBSmith and Wesson 61718
2True Blue SamRuger MKIII12


Class2Rimfire 1X Optics

1Pattie AnnRuger 22/4512
2Mrs. True Blue SamRuger MKIII10
3jimmybBrowning Buckmark10
4True Blue SamThe Mrs.' MKIII8

PlaceNameOpen ClassScore

Class 8Anything goes

1True Blue SamRuger 10/22 w/ Busnell AR optics22

Note: True Blue Sam shot his Class 8 entry at 25' standing, 25 yards sitting, and the final column at 25 yards prone. Well done, sir. And overall, some great shooting!

Pretty cool the high scores were in the open sights, and not the optics classes for handguns.

Thanks to all for participating.

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